Phineus892 (phineus892) wrote in deutschklasse,

Some grammar questions! Hurrar!

Hello, I need help with the following sentences. I have written them in English and am trying to translate into German. Thank you for any help!

1) A German translation would change the sound of the words and, as a result, some of the meaning of the text would also be lost. --->

Eine deutsche Übersetzung würde den Klang ändern und deswegen würde einige Bedeutung des Texts auch verlieren worden.

(Here I’m trying to use Subjunctive II, because in the actual translation that I refer to, the English was kept. The second part is confusing because it’s passive as well as Subjunctive...)

2) This word is not translated, because to use German would lead to a significant departure from the original. --->

Diese Wort wird nicht uebersetzt, weil Deutsch zu benutzen, zu einem erheblichen Abweichen von dem Original führen würde.

(Again passive and Subjunctive. Perhaps I can rephrase this without using the passive?)

3) Some mistakes are to be expected in a translation of this size. --->

Manche Fehler werden in einer Übersetzung dieser Größe zu erwarten gewesen.

(Passive again. No idea what to do with that ‚gewesen‘.)

4) And finally, what are the singular and plural forms of ‘der Englischsprachiger’ (English-speaker, male). The spell-checker is telling me the –er ending is incorrect, but I don’t trust it.

Vielen Dank!

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